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Achieving and maintaining great health is simple with The Natural Doctor programmes, products and recommendations.

All are exclusive to us and developed by Lisa Steel, one of the leading UK naturopaths. We aim to support a natural health lifestyle with non-pharmaceutical health intervention.

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For days out, holidaying at home, short hop or long haul.


TRAUMEEL TABLETS – effective pain relief for ‘everyday’ injury or accident.

COMBUDORON SPRAY – relief from itching or stinging

ACTIVE SILVER (COLLOIDAL SILVER) – antiseptic and antimicrobial

FLYING SUPPORT KIT – fear of flying, flight and x-ray protection, jet-lag

HOLIDAY HEALTH KIT – sunburn, heatstroke, travel sickness, stomach upsets, bites, stings, cuts and wounds and allergic reactions.

TRAVEL VACCINE ALTERNATIVE – disease prevention as well a natural alternative to malaria tablets.

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