Repeat Prescriptions


Repeat Prescriptions from Natural DoctorRepeat prescriptions can be obtained by emailing us at [email protected].

Send us the details of the homeopathy, tincture or supplement of which you are running short, and we will arrange a repeat to be sent or collected.

If we do not have your credit card details already, please give details of the card to which you would like the repeat charged – name, card number, expiry date and security number on the back.

Please note that this repeat service can only be used if you are seeing Lisa and know that you are continuing a particular treatment or supplement on a long-standing basis.

If you are not a current patient of Lisa’s then we are able to repeat current protocols only and up to twice more after the original prescription. After that we would need you to have a consultation with Kate Fismer our resident naturopath to make sure that we have the most up to date health picture and can prescribe appropriately as you may well need an adjustment by then.

If you are in any doubt please check with [email protected] before you place a repeat prescription.

For further information, please call us on 023 8027 6225 or email us on [email protected].


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