Cost / what’s included

You need to make a 6 month minimum commitment to your health. For patients in a seriously chronic state of health it may take 12-24 months to make a real and sustainable difference and support the change critical to ensure the best long term management of your health.

All prices include VAT

LifeChange Consultation Fee – £300

The charge for in depth 90 minute consultations is £300 which covers only the consultation. This will include thermometry testing where needed (there is normally an additional test charge of £50 for this). After each consultation we send a detailed report including supplement protocol and dietary guidance by email

Frequency of consultation will vary by individual and we will propose a schedule.  As a general rule LifeChange patients see Lisa on average every 6-8 weeks across the course of their treatment.

Payment – the consultation fee is payable as you go on the day of your consultation

Full Service Charge – £250 per month

There will be a full service charge of £250 per month for a minimum 6 month programme.

This covers a fair and reasonable level of wrap round support – ongoing emails, skype and telephone support – between appointments whenever you need it. We want you to be supported through this process and we can do this effectively through regular contact in between your personal appointments.

It also covers the time spent report writing, interpreting tests, answering queries, prescribing and administering.

Payment – the first instalment of £250 is payable on signing up and then a minimum of 5 further payments monthly by standing order.

We will send you a schedule of payment and need confirmation of your standing order set up before we can send reports or supplements or book follow up appointments.


Tailored homeopathy throughout your programme prescribed at or after your appointments and sent promptly. It also covers homeopathy necessary for adjustments between appointments and for acute requests.

Please note this is bespoke homeopathy prescribed and made by The Natural Doctor (not off the shelf complexes which are chargeable)

Our Homeopathy Acute Service for you and your immediate familyThis is our natural alternative to general practice and over-the-counter drugs such as antibiotics for acute or immediate health conditions. The cost of this service is normally £25 per prescription. We will happily cover up to 4 members of your family for homeopathy as part of this programme.


We aim to be transparent and ensure that there are no hidden extras. So you need to be aware of these potential costs when you budget. The individual requirement and cost varies widely so it is not possible to include these elements in your up-front programme price.

Supplements – these are charged at retail rate We will recommend bespoke highest quality supplements in the form of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy or essences

Individual circumstances differ so it is difficult to estimate but as a guide the average cost of supplementation is around £200 – £250 per month for new LifeChange patients reducing to around £100 – £150 per month on a maintenance basis.

Further tests – these may have to be recommended, usually in the form of urine, hair, saliva or blood tests. We would always advise of the cost and discuss the need with you first. Price on application.

Support therapies – may be recommended. If we feel that you need additional therapies such as acupuncture or mind work to support your improved wellbeing, we will recommend one of our associates at the Centre.

Costs vary by therapy, as a guide the range is £48 – £130 per appointment

Natural Doctor Products and Programmes. Homeopathy kits and wallets and Natural Doctor programmes like Hay Fever Help and Basic Cleanse are charged at retail rate as shown on our website. (£10-£40)



To book call 023 80276225 or email [email protected]

We have high demand and limited availability for LifeChange so we operate a first come, first served waiting list, please ask reception if you wish to be placed on it.

Terms and conditions apply – these will be sent when you book.

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