Frequently asked questions…..and answers like LifeChange gets results for chronic illness, depression, fatigue and M.E. because it is expert led by the UK’s leading naturopath.

Is LifeChange suitable for me?

LifeChange is geared to supporting critical change to enable the body to start to reverse or significantly slow down the process of chronic illness.

Conditions could include severe depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular disease states, neurological stress patterns, inflammatory bowel conditions or musculo-skeletal conditions to name a few.

If you are unsure how applicable your current health condition may be to this programme, please speak initially to Reception for their advice.

LifeChange is for you if you are at a health crossroads, fed up with your condition, not feeling like you are progressing with conventional medicine or quite simply deserve the best natural health support money can buy.


How is LifeChange different?

It is different from other complementary or alternative programmes because it is directed by Lisa Steel (Dip ION ND) one of the leading and most sought after UK naturopaths and one of a few UK Bioresonance practitioners. Lisa has vast experience and a track record second to none.

It is different from other programmes because Lisa is totally hands on and cares deeply about each individual patient. Email and telephone support will be available consistently through the whole programme to help you feel supported, answer any queries you have and ensure quick treatment adaptation to any new symptoms.

It is different from conventional medicine because the focus is very much on individualised preventative health care management, rather than a more linear one drug fits all symptom management approach.

Based on nature-cure principles, we offer clients the tools to support positive health change and work towards a non-invasive, non-toxic sustainable approach to longer term wellbeing.


How long is the programme?

It is a bespoke holistic health plan over a minimum 6 month period. You need to make a 6 month minimum commitment to your health. The choice to continue beyond 6 months if recommended is yours.


How much is it?

LifeChange Consultations – £300 inc VAT each for a 90 minute consultation

Full Service Charge – £250 inc VAT per month for a minimum 6 month programme.


Why does it cost this much?

LifeChange rates reflect the time commitment and the value of the expert service and the quality of the supplements provided by Lisa and the Natural Doctor team as we strive to provide you with the best available natural health support and make a real difference to your health.

Only you can prioritise your health versus other expenditure like cars or holidays. We believe that there is no price to put on transforming your health but if there were LifeChange offers excellent value for money when compared to conventional private health consultancy or to life coaching. Good health underpins your ability to meet any personal or business goals.


What is included?

Detailed reports including supplement protocol and dietary guidance by email within 3 days

Tailored homeopathy throughout your programme prescribed at your consultation, for adjustments between appointments and for acute requests.

Ongoing email, skype and telephone support and advice between appointments.

Our Homeopathy Acute Service for you and your immediate family. We will happily cover up to 4 members of your family for homeopathy as part of this programme.


What’s not included

We aim to be transparent and ensure that there are no hidden extras. So you need to be aware of these potential costs when you budget. The individual requirement and cost varies widely so it is not possible to include these elements in your up-front programme price.

Supplements – these are charged at retail rate. We will recommend bespoke highest quality supplements in the form of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy or essences

Individual circumstances differ so it is difficult to estimate but as a guide the average cost of supplementation is around £200 – £250 per month for new LifeChange patients reducing to around £100 – £150 per month on a maintenance basis.

Further tests – these may have to be recommended, usually in the form of urine, hair, saliva or blood tests. We would always advise of the cost and discuss the need with you first. Price on application.

Support therapies – may be recommended. If we feel that you need additional therapies such as acupuncture or mind work to support your improved wellbeing, we will recommend one of our associates at the Centre. Costs vary by therapy, as a guide the range is £48 – £130 per appointment

Natural Doctor Products and Programmes. Homeopathy kits and wallets and Natural Doctor programmes like Hay Fever Help and Basic Cleanse are charged at retail rate as shown on our website. (£10-£40)


Who will I see/ who runs LifeChange?

LifeChange is directed by Lisa Steel (Dip ION ND) one of the leading and most sought after UK naturopaths and one of a few UK Bioresonance practitioners. Lisa has vast experience in the assessment of the underlying cause for dis-ease, rather than just the symptoms, and developing non-invasive, natural and supportive pathways to start the process of rebalancing and revitalizing health.

Lisa will involve other experienced therapists as needed to blend the most effective team for you.


What happens at a consultation?

We take time to understand your current state of health and medical pathway. We may use physical examination, iridology, kinesiology, bioresonance, heart and nutritional tests to provide further indications to any diagnosis that you may have received during any previous conventional medical assessment.

During the consultation, current drug medications will be reviewed and contact with your current health practitioner may be required or requested. Any conventional diagnostic tests will also be taken into account to help bespoke a tailored holistic health plan that we feel you will be able to undertake.


Can I continue to take my conventional drugs?

 Yes. It is designed for clients who may be wishing to use holistic treatments alongside conventional drug programmes, or in certain cases, work alone with non-drug treatment options.


What will the treatment be?

A treatment pathway will be designed for you with full advice on nutrition, wellbeing and specific lifestyle actions which are recommended for you to undertake to start the process of moving towards improved health. Treatments that may be offered include nutritional adjustment, detoxification and homeotoxicology protocols, herbal and homeopathic remedies, bodywork, emotional support or advice on broader lifestyle changes.


Can I talk to someone?

For reasons of client confidentiality we are unable to put you in touch with LifeChange clients but you can can read some of their testimonials on our website.. Each treatment plan is totally individual and so the best person to talk to is Lisa Steel, LifeChange Director who will be happy to answer your questions. We offer a free Skype or telephone introductory consultation (up to 15 minutes) when you can ask anything you like about your personal health status/ condition.


How do I book?

To book LifeChange or an introductory consultation call 023 80276225 or email [email protected]

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