Read more about what our patients are saying* – “LifeChange has literally saved my life”, “This is an investment I would recommend”, “My illness no longer rules my life”

LifeChange TESTIMONIAL – Depression/ Anxiety*

Mr NG, aged 55 – “LifeChange has literally saved my life.”

After ten years with a difficult agitated anxiety condition, I went into a mental health unit, and became dramatically worse. I lost five stone in three months, because of the six medications I was on and became totally dysfunctional. I could not eat, drink or sit down. I paced all day, was in a constant, intense state of “flight or fight” fear, was hallucinating, could hardly speak, or look after myself. I subsequently tried to commit suicide, crushing two vertebrae in my spine. I was in the mental health unit for over a year.

Two years on I am physiologically well, mentally and emotionally stable, completely anxiety free, physically fitter, and at a healthy weight. I am doing meaningful work, in love, completely free of medication, positive, happy and inspired. I still have still work to do, but I am healthier now than I have been for twenty years.

This has all been achieved by taking a natural approach to health, and more specifically through the extraordinary expertise and support from Lisa Steel, The Natural Doctor.

LifeChange TESTIMONIAL – High stress and fatigue* Life Change with Natural Doctor

MR SG, aged 43 – this is an investment I would recommend.”

“As a regular business traveller, I suffered from high stress, jet lag, headaches, fatigue and was prone to all sorts of bugs. I would have been the last person friends would have expected to work with a Natural Doctor. LifeChange helped me to a massive health improvement. I lost nearly three stone in four months, but more than that I look and feel healthier.  I am rarely ill and if I am, I get through it quickly (touch wood). Most importantly, I am more alert and energised and have not needed to visit a GP or take OTC drugs in over 2 years.”

LifeChange TESTIMONIAL – Chronic fatigue/depression*

Mrs RM, aged 70 – “my illness no longer rules my life.”

“I have been feeling ghastly for the last 18 years with so called M.E. I have tried all manner of treatments, none of which brought any relief. I had come to terms with the lack of energy but my depression which has always been bad was becoming almost unbearable. I could find nothing to relieve it. Through LifeChange I realised quickly that if anyone could help me it would be Lisa. I cannot speak highly enough of her and I am very grateful for her expertise. In my opinion she is second to none in what she is doing.”


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*LifeChange Treatment is different for each case, based on a carefully individualised protocol. Even if your condition is the same your individual health picture is not so results can vary from person to person. No successful health outcomes can be guaranteed. All clinical information published on The Natural Doctor website is for informational purposes only. The information is not intended to replace medical advice.

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