What to expect

LifeChange is an intensive minimum 6-month programme. The key features are an individualised treatment pathway, holistic assessments focusing on your neurological, biomedical and emotional state and wrap round support.

An individualised treatment pathway

Following your Comprehensive Health Analysis a treatment pathway will be designed for you with full advice on nutrition, wellbeing and specific lifestyle actions which are recommended for you to undertake to start the process of moving towards improved health.

Treatments that may be offered include nutritional adjustment, detoxification and homeotoxicology protocols, herbal and homeopathic remedies, bodywork, emotional support or advice on broader lifestyle changes, which may be recommended at your initial diagnostic consultation.

Face to face consultations

At the heart of LifeChange are 90 minute treatment consultations where we can take time to continue to understand your current state of health and medical pathway. We recommend these every 6 – 8 weeks. You will be offered a quick appointment on committing to the programme and will be able to book guaranteed appointments in the diary to accommodate the most convenient times for you within Clinic opening hours for all future appointments.

The consultations offers the opportunity to provide a more detailed holistic assessment of your neurological, biomedical and emotional state. We may use physical examination, iridology, kinesiology, bioresonance, heart and nutritional tests to provide further indications to any diagnosis that you may have received during any previous conventional medical assessment.

Conventional diagnosis and drugs

During the consultations, current drug medications will be reviewed and contact with your current health practitioner may be required or requested. Any conventional diagnostic tests will also be taken into account to help bespoke a tailored holistic health plan that we feel you will be able to undertake.

Wrap round support

Email, telephone and skype support will be available consistently through the whole programme to help you feel supported, answer any queries you have, ensure quick treatment adaptation to any new symptoms, and to provide information at each stage to assist you in understanding the cause of your symptoms and the root to managing change.


To book call 023 80276225 or email [email protected]

We have high demand and limited availability for LifeChange so we operate a first come, first served waiting list, please ask reception if you wish to be placed on it.

Terms and conditions apply – these will be sent when you book.

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