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Infertility Clinic in Hampshire with an 85% success rate*

Natural Fertility Clinic Hampshire 85% success rate of treating infertility naturally



Natural Fertility Treatment can provide a healthier option for treating the causes of infertility naturally. Our treatments are suitable for all, including those who have suffered miscarriage or failed IVF treatment.

We offer a full range of male and female infertility treatments to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Our clinic is close to Southampton and Winchester and serves Hampshire and the wider area.

There are lots of good reasons to choose our Natural Treatment over conventionally assisted conception.

With Natural Fertility Treatment you are more likely to have a baby, it may be healthier and so might you

Our Natural Fertility Success Rate*

In our latest audit 93** of the 109 clients who chose Natural Fertility Treatment had a healthy baby: 85% success rate

(**Of those 79 used just natural fertility treatment and 14 used it to increase the probability of IVF succeeding)

This compares very favourably to conventional IVF treatment

FREE TELEPHONE DISCUSSIONNatural Fertility pregnancy success rate is high

There will be no charge for a telephone discussion with Wendy, one of our Consultants, designed for you to find out more and to answer your questions.

We hope that Natural Fertility is for you but there is no commitment either way. After this initial discussion you may decide, or we may judge, that our programme is not right in your particular circumstances.

Please call 023 80276225 or email [email protected] to book a free 10-15 minute chat.


Comprehensive Rhythm Plus Hormone Test and Full Fertility AssessmentOur impressive success rate is based on the high quality of in-depth information that we gather through our comprehensive multi factorial assessment.

Comprehensive “Rhythm Plus” Hormone Test

Our “Rhythm Plus” Hormone Test is based on a comprehensive salivary review of the relationship and balance of your hormones spanning a full cycle. Saliva testing is far more reliable than blood testing, particularly when it is carried out over the full cycle as opposed to a single day blood test.

COST: £210 inc. VAT (this includes lab analysis in the USA)

Full Fertility Assessment

When we have all this information and your “Rhythm Plus” hormone test results are back we ask you to attend our clinic for a 90 minute triage assessment. This assessment includes a session on the Bioresonance diagnostic machine allied with a comprehensive and non-invasive physical, emotional and biochemical top to toe scan.

The sum total of this information enables us to clearly identify the potential to conceive or carry a healthy baby to term and to identify any problem areas. We summarise this in your personal Fertility Status Report.

COST: £350 inc. VAT 


To book a call with Wendy or start your Comprehensive “Rhythm Plus” Hormone Test and book your Full Fertility Assessment call 023 80276225 or email [email protected]

Terms and conditions apply – these will be sent when you book.

Natural Fertility Treatment individual treatment pathway for males and femalesNATURAL FERTILITY TREATMENT

Your fertility treatment programme will be based around Natural Fertility Treatment Consultations which we recommend take place every 6-8 weeks.


Following your Full Fertility Assessment and after you sign up and pay for for your first Natural Fertility Treatment Consultation we will prepare your Individual Treatment Pathway. The plan will provide advice on nutrition, supplementation, well being and specific lifestyle actions which are recommended for you to start the process of moving towards conception. This will enable you to commence the natural fertility process before your first Natural Fertility Treatment Consultation.


Our Natural Treatment Consultations are 60 minute triage consultations and include a Bioresonance Assessment.

COST: £300 inc. VAT EACH


As part of the natural fertility treatment programme we will also recommend a schedule of support therapy with The Natural Doctor Associate Therapist(s) that we judge will be most beneficial in your particular case.

We work as a unified team and the therapies we are most likely to recommend include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reproductive Reflexology and Fertility Acupuncture.

Depending on your fertility health, location and budget we can also offer each of these therapies as a stand alone option

For more details please click on the link.

COST: £45 – £75 inc. VAT 

Natural Male Fertility TreatmentMALE FERTILITY TREATMENT

Forty per cent of  infertility is due to factors associated with the male partner. As a consequence, we will only progress with a female client once we have assessed her partner’s sperm analysis which needs to be carried out within the last 3 months prior to our assessment.

Our Male programme will be recommended if there are semen test irregularities and the sperm analysis is sub standard or if there are general health issues which may impact fertility.

The start point is a Full Assessment and then a minimum 3 month individualised treatment plan featuring Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

COST: £350 for a 90 minute Full Triage Assessment then individual plan cost

If the sperm analysis is passable and the general health of the male partner is good we will recommend our Simple Sperm Support package which can be prescribed without a face to face appointment.

It features the four best quality naturally available Sperm Optimiser supplements, supported by nutritional recommendations and homeopathy to give a significant boost in the first month.

Following this we recommend continuing on reduced level of supplementation for a minimum of a further 3 months or until pregnant.

We will advise of a protocol after the first month and likely cost on an individual basis.

COST: £125 inc. postage for month 1 then price on application

Find out more about our Natural Fertility Programme

To find our more about our Natural Fertility Programme with no commitment call 023 80276225 or email [email protected]

*Natural Doctor Fertility Treatment is different for each case, based on a carefully individualised protocol. Even if your condition is the same your individual health picture is not so results can vary from person to person. No successful conception or pregnancy outcomes can be guaranteed. All clinical information published on The Natural Doctor website is for informational purposes only. The information is not intended to replace medical advice.

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