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Blooming Pregnancy Support

Blooming Pregnancy Support – Natural Fertility Programme

Reflexology/massage, optimal nutritional supplementation and homeopathy for a healthy pregnancy and birth and a healthy, happy and calm baby.

Blooming Pregnancy Support - Natural Fertility ProgrammeInformation abounds about what to do in pregnancy. The Natural Doctor focus is on, as ever, what we do best.

Blooming Pregnancy is led by Emma Mitchell our very experienced and nurturing maternity reflexologist who has had 4 natural births herself.


Modular Pregnancy Support Programme

Featuring reflexology/ massage, nutritional support tinctures and combination homeopathic remedies – you choose.

Start at any time during your pregnancy, the earlier the better, and you can purchase the elements individually.

Those who can will benefit enormously from seeing Emma who has extensive experience of treating “mums to be” with great care and helping them to a healthy pregnancy and calm birth.

Or you may want to see your own local reflexologist and just have our nutritional supplement and homeopathic support.

If you are already seeing Lisa regularly then you will not need the nutritional support tincture but we still recommend reflexology/massage and homeopathy.

Reflexology/Massage During PregnancyReflexology and Massage during Pregnancy - Natural Fertility Programme

You can have reflexology/massage after week 16 of your pregnancy right up to the birth.  Ideally we recommend an appointment every two weeks to support the optimum health of mother-to-be and natural development of her baby.

Reflexology during pregnancy has been shown to reduce both complications during birth and the length of labour so is ideal preparation for the birth.

Trimester 2 Reflexology focus will be on general good health and energy and providing holistic therapy for all individual pregnancy symptoms and minor ailments such as indigestion/heartburn, backache, symphysis pubis pain, sciatica, mood swings and insomnia.

Trimester 3 Reflexology focus will be on preparing for the birth – priming the endocrine system and the uterus, staying relaxed and grounded. And in assisting the incoming soul.

Natural Supplements and Homeopathy During Pregnancy

Sourced using years of experience these are exclusive to us. They will provide you with optimum support tailored to enhance the developmental processes of your baby in each trimester.

Daily Blooming Pregnancy nutritional support tinctures for each trimester are made from carefully selected organic foods to ensure a balanced and healthy pregnancy.

In most cases these tinctures alone meets your pregnancy nutritional needs in full. So you don’t need to take, for example, additional pregnancy vitamins. 

Please stop all other pregnancy supplements whilst on Blooming Pregnancy support so that we can ensure the right nutritional balance for you.

Nine Blooming Pregnancy combination homeopathic remedies

TRIMESTER 1 – Baby holding support, Energy boost, Stretch mark support, Nausea/morning sickness.

TRIMESTER 2 – Placenta balance, Mum and baby organ balance, Mum and baby constitutional balance.

TRIMESTER 3 – Immune balance, Mum and baby gland balance.

Blooming Pregnancy Guide & Natural Childbirth RemediesYour Blooming Pregnancy Guide

An invaluable guide to pregnancy containing our collective knowledge based on years of experience of helping pregnant patients. We give useful, clear and simple advice covering optimum nutrition, toxin avoidance, stress management, mind work, exercise, sleep and environmental detox.

Natural Childbirth Kit

Eight natural childbirth remedies including Arnica, and induction alternative, remedies for healthy labour, emotional calm,  MRSA  protection, labour calm and speeding post birth healing. Further information on the Natural Childbirth Kit.

Blooming Pregnancy Support – The Cost

You can purchase the elements individually and order your support month by month or by trimester to save postage.

Blooming Pregnancy Reflexology/ Massage (after week 16 until birth)

£60 per appointment (90 mins initial, 60 mins follow up)

Special offer – book a 6 appointment block and get one of those FREE

Nutritional support tincture 1, 2 or 3 – £30 + postage per month

Homeopathy trimester support package – £30 + postage

The Natural Doctor Blooming Pregnancy Guide£10 + postage

To arrange an appointment or order call 023 8027 6225 or email [email protected]

Please note we can only offer this support if you are a patient of The Natural Doctor. You can become a patient through filling in a short Blooming Pregnancy questionnaire which reception will email to you.

If you would prefer you can cut and paste these questions and your answers into an e mail and send to [email protected].

Personal Information


Home and Mobile phone numbers

Date of Birth/ Age

Pregnancy Picture

Was your conception natural or assisted? ( e.g. IVF)

 Is this your first pregnancy?

 Do you have any children?

If so please give names and ages________________________________________________

 Have you had any physical or emotional health issues in previous pregnancies? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Have you ever miscarried? Please give dates/details e.g. how far pregnant were you? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 How many weeks pregnant do you estimate yourself to be today?­­­­­______________________

 Do you know your due date?____________________________________________________

 Have you ever taken the contraceptive pill?

If Yes which one?____________________________________________________________

Have you ever taken the morning after pill?

Do you suffer or have you ever suffered from any of these linked to your cycle?


Irregular periods

Breast tenderness

Joint Pain

Pre-menstrual bloating




Abdominal Cramps

Heavy periods

Have you been taking any preconception supplements? ___________________________________________________________________________

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