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Pregnancy Supplements and Homeopathy for a Natural Pregnancy

Sourced using years of experience our pregnancy supplements and homeopathy remedies are exclusive to the Natural Doctor. Our natural childbirth remedies will provide you with optimum support during your pregnancy tailored to enhance the developmental processes of your baby in each trimester.

Pregnancy Supplements and Homeopathy from the Natural DoctorAbout Our Blooming Pregnancy Tinctures

Our Blooming Pregnancy Tinctures have been developed by Lisa Steel, ND, Clinical Director of The Naturopathic Centre and have her seal of approval.

Taken daily for the duration of your pregnancy Blooming Pregnancy Tinctures include nutritional support made only from organic foods to ensure a balanced and healthy pregnancy.

They are free from sugar, gluten, starch, wheat and dairy. They are also made without artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours. We provide these as tinctures because they are easier to take and more palatable.

In most cases these tinctures alone meets your pregnancy nutritional needs in full. So you don’t need to take, for example, additional pregnancy vitamins. Please stop all other pregnancy supplements whilst on the Blooming Pregnancy support so that we can ensure the right nutritional balance for you.

About Our Blooming Pregnancy Homeopathy

Homeopathy and Natural Supplements and for Pregnancy from The Natural DoctorOur Blooming Pregnancy Remedies have been developed by Wendy Molyneux, LCH based on years of experience of the most effective support in pregnancy.

Our homeopathic protocol is designed to complement the tinctures and support your body energetically. We offer nine combination remedies for your pregnancy needs, trimester by trimesterHomeopathy uses products from natural sources, it is safe and free from side effects so will cause no harm to you or your unborn child.

TRIMESTER 1 (1-3 MONTHS) – germinal and embryonic stage

In the early stages of pregnancy the embryo is completely reliant on mother’s nutrition.  This first month sees the neural tube form, from which the spinal chord and brain will develop. The head forms, followed by the facial features and the cardiovascular system is built. These critical processes are built from amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins , tissue salts, minerals and enzymes. The foetal stage commences from 8 weeks when the sex organs develop and the placenta is established.

Trimester 1 nutritional support tincturePregnancy Supplements and Homeopathy The Natural Doctor

The nutritional focus of Blooming Pregnancy tincture one is to provide a full baseline of nutritional cofactors to support this development including methyl donors such as folic acid.

Trimester 1 homeopathy

Baby holding combo – to balance the hormones that hold the baby.

Energy boost – to keep your energy levels up.

Stretch mark combo – to minimise the chance of stretch marks.

If needed;

Nausea/morning sickness – to help rebalance your stomach and liver which can be affected by early pregnancy hormones.

TRIMESTER 2 (3-6 MONTHS) – foetal development stage.

A healthy placenta is critical as the placenta supports the exchange of nutrition and waste elimInation between the maternal and foetal compartments. It permits the mother and baby blood to come into close contact for exchange of nutrition without ever mixing and acts as a barrier to infections and toxins. Importantly it is the key process in hormone development. A nourished placenta is beneficial for the baby.

Homeopathic Remedies and Nutritional Support during PregnancyTrimester 2 nutritional support tincture

The nutrition focus of Blooming Pregnancy tincture two is to support the immune system, work with connective tissue nutrients to support growth and manage appropriate fat and protein levels to develop and further strengthen the cardiovascular system and support the formation of lungs. By the end of this trimester the baby can urinate and defecate and has hair, nails and eyelashes.

Trimester 2 homeopathy

Placenta balance – to nourish the placenta at this crucial stage.

Mum and baby organ balance – to energetically balance your baby’s heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs.

Mum and baby constitutional balance – to strengthen your baby’s constitution.

TRIMESTER 3 (6-9 MONTHS) – a fully formed baby

The focus of this trimester is gaining weight and brain development. Bones are fully formed and from week 30 the lungs can start to breathe.

The importance of minerals, nutrients, essential fatty acids and amino acids cannot be underestimated. The immune system of the baby is totally built from the mum at this stage so keeping mum free from infections is critical to avoid medical intervention at birth. Support to nourish the glands to support a safe, natural and healthy delivery is critical at this point.

Trimester 3 nutritional support tincture

The nutrition focus of Blooming Pregnancy tincture three is linked to immune support, increased mineral support and an adjustment in the types of essential fatty acids taken.

Trimester 3 homeopathy

Mum and baby gland balance – to energetically balance your baby’s glands

Immune balance – to protect mum and baby prior to birth

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