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Fertility Acupuncture Testimonials – Natural Fertility*

Our testimonials come from mothers conceiving through our Fertility Acupuncture after being diagnosed with menstrual and ovulation irregularities, fibroids or endometriosis

Fertility Acupuncture Testimonial 1 – Corrina aged 37*

Natural Fertility Treatment Testimonials: Successful conception following 5 failed IVF attemptsEndometriosis and 2cm x 2cm fibroids Periods very heavy and long, clotty and painful.  Late ovulation and a very short luteal phase. 5 months acupuncture with Yvonne during which time all symptoms improved greatly, she became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.

“My husband and I had been trying for a baby for nearly 4 years and were just about to attend an IVF appointment when a friend suggested I try acupuncture first. I was very nervous at first as I hate needles and really wasn’t sure what to expect but Yvonne was so patient and gentle with me that I soon started finding the sessions very relaxing!

Yvonne didn’t just focus on the acupuncture, she also offered advice on my diet as well as my work/life balance. Within 7 months of treatment I fell pregnant and I continued to see Yvonne throughout the pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy, without any morning sickness or complications, and when Holly finally decided to make an appearance (she was a week late!) my labour was very quick and without any problems.

I would thoroughly recommend seeing Yvonne especially if you are trying for a baby.”

Fertility Acupuncture Testimonial 2 – Emma aged 36*

Natural Fertility Treatment Testimonials: successful treatment through acupuncture

She had a long period lasting 7-9 days with night sweats. Ovulated late, between day 17 and 19. Spotting or bleeding throughout cycle. Anxiety. After trying for 1.5 years fell pregnant after 1.5 months of acupuncture with Yvonne and had a healthy baby.

“We can’t thank Yvonne enough for the help she has given us to conceive. After trying for a baby for a year and a half I fell pregnant after the first month and a half of acupuncture with her – we couldn’t believe it!

I was terrified of needles when I first started, but with Yvonne’s calm and friendly manner I have completely overcome my fear and really look forward to the relaxing treatment each time.
She has also helped to keep me healthy during my pregnancy and is so easy to talk to giving me some great advice.

We are so grateful to Yvonne and I would highly recommend having acupuncture with her.”

Fertility Acupuncture Testimonial 3  – Katie aged 33*

Natural Fertility Treatment Testimonials: successful conception following IBS and menstrual problemsShe had extreme tiredness, IBS and menstrual problems and her 52 year old husband had low sperm count and motility, lower back pain and long-term coldness. Became pregnant after 10 months of acupuncture with Yvonne and delivered a healthy baby.

“As conventional medicine had only been able to do so much, I tried acupuncture. Now, 2 years later, we are the proud parents of a 5 month old baby!

I have well managed IBS, and despite having a baby, I am less tired than when I first started seeing Yvonne! My husband has improved health and a much more co-operative back!

Yvonne has a lovely, caring manner. Her treatment extends to identifying the cause of each problem as much as possible, looking at diet and lifestyle, with the aim of preventing the problem from occurring in the first place.

Yvonne has given me a new lease of life and brought back my old energy and buzz. And, for my husband and I, we have been given that precious chance to start a family.”

*Natural Doctor Fertility Treatment is different for each case, based on a carefully individualised protocol. Even if your condition is the same your individual health picture is not so results can vary from person to person. No successful conception or pregnancy outcomes can be guaranteed. All clinical information published on The Natural Doctor website is for informational purposes only. The information is not intended to replace medical advice.

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