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Male Fertility Programme boost sperm health naturallyNatural Male Fertility Programme

The reasons contributing to sperm health dysfunction are multifactorial. The Natural Doctor expert approach is to ascertain the underlying causes of infertility on an individual basis and propose a treatment plan to improve fertility naturally.

Forty per cent of infertility is due to factors associated with the male partner. As a consequence, we will only progress with a female fertility client an our natural fertility programme once we have assessed her partner’s sperm analysis which needs to be carried out within the last 3 months prior to our assessment.

Our Male Fertility programme comprises a Full Male Fertility Assessment and then a minimum three month individualised treatment plan featuring Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Full Male Fertility Assessment

COST: £350 inc. VAT

Male Fertility Programme Male Fertility AssessmentThe Male Fertility Assessment starts with a 90 minute triage assessment with Lisa Steel, ND – Naturopath and Clinical Director and Francis Rock, DTCM MAcS – Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Fertility Specialist.

Prior to your Fertility Assessment we require you to complete a detailed Male Fertility Questionnaire which we need to receive at least a week before your first appointment at our natural fertility clinic.

Your appointment will involve a comprehensive Bio-regulatory assessment and other tests may be recommended based on your initial questionnaire.

All tests will be non-invasive and assess physiological, metaphysical, emotional, structural, nutritional and biochemical balance.

The information provided through this natural fertility assessment can include nutritional status, gut function markers, hydration, neurotransmitter markers, hormone analysis, pH regulation, kidney and liver function and assess presenting toxicology which may be present in the body.

The assessment usually ‘uncloaks’ hidden toxins and microbes which remain undetected by conventional blood tests. Additionally we may run general medical tests including urine, blood pressure, BMI etc. and other parameters using kinesiology techniques.Male Fertility Programme Natural Fertility Status Report

The aim of this appointment is to provide a clear understanding of the reasons for your sperm health profile and assess the potential to conceive a healthy baby.

Most clients feel reassured after this session that they now have reasons for their infertility and a team with the expertise to provide the best possible outcome.

At your Assessment we will discuss what you are able to commit to going forwards and integrate that into our recommendations in your personal Natural Fertility Status Report.

Your fertility status report will feature advice on nutrition, supplementation, well being and specific lifestyle actions which are recommended for you to start the process of moving towards conception.

In addition we will recommend a minimum three month Natural Fertility Treatment Plan with a combination of those elements best suited to you.

Natural Fertility Treatment Plan

We offer ongoing email and telephone natural fertility support and advice between appointments. We want you to be supported through this process and we can do this effectively through regular contact in between your face to face appointments.

Natural Fertility Treatment Consultations

Male Fertility Programme Natural Fertility Treatment ConsultationsCOST: £200 inc. VAT EACH (60 minutes)

Follow up natural fertility consultations with Bioresonance Assessment with Lisa. This enables us to follow up on your Full Fertility Assessment and subsequent assessments to gauge progress and support you towards your fertility goal.

We will send you a report including recommended supplement protocol and dietary guidance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Fertility Consultations

COST: £55 inc. VAT EACH (30-45 minutes)

Special offer – book a 6 appointment block of follow ups and get one of those FREE

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you increase your fertility naturally through the use of herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Our evidence based treatment protocols balance your hormones, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and help to decrease stress levels thereby maximizing your fertility potential.

Francis Rock is a fully qualified, experienced TCM Practitioner who has a special interest in reproductive health and has worked with the largest fertility clinic in Toronto for 8 years.

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Supplements and Chinese Herbs for treating infertility

Charged at retail rate – please click on this link for more details.

We will recommend bespoke highest quality natural fertility supplements in the form of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy or essences.

Patients can be assured of the purity, potency, efficacy and safety of our custom formulation Chinese Herbal fertility products.

Click here for more detail about our Chinese Herbs for treating fertility naturally.

Male Natural Fertility – Your Budget

Individual circumstances differ so it is difficult to estimate but as a guide the average cost of supplementation and Chinese Herbs for the male natural fertility programme is around £200 – £250 per month for a minimum 3 month protocol

Male Natural Fertility – Action

To make an appointment for a Male Fertility Assessment please call us on 023 8027 6225 or email [email protected]

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