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Natural Fertility Treatment Questions and Answers

Natural Fertility Treatment Questions And Answers

Natural Fertility Treatment Questions and Answers

In a nutshell …. Natural Fertility Treatment is for everyone, it is supportive, safer and better value than IVF and has an 85% success because it is directed by the UK’s leading naturopath. This Natural Fertility Questions and Answers page demonstrates why …

Q. Will Natural Fertility Treatment work for me?

ANSWER. We have an 85% success rate and Natural Fertility Treatment significantly outperforms conventionally assisted conception in every age band. We treat clients of any reproductive age, with or without a conventional diagnosis. We can work to improve the chances of success alongside conventionally assisted conception like IVF. We often treat patients who have failed IVF or have had recurrent miscarriages.  

Q. How is Natural Fertility Treatment different?

ANSWER. It is different from other complementary or alternative fertility programmes because it is directed by Lisa Steel (Dip ION ND) one of the leading and most sought after UK naturopaths and one of a few UK Bioresonance practitioners. Supported by Wendy Molyneux one of the leading UK homeopaths specialising in fertility. Between them they have vast experience and a track record second to none.

The Benefits of Natural Fertility Treatment from The Natural Doctor

ANSWER. It is different from other programmes because Lisa and Wendy are totally hands on and care deeply about each individual patient. Email support will be available consistently through the whole programme to help you feel supported, answer any queries you have and ensure quick treatment adaptation to any new symptoms.

ANSWER. It is different from conventional fertility treatment because our bio-regulatory diagnostic methods can permit a deeper understanding of the myriad of issues which can be involved in healthy conception, beyond simply the physical issues often highlighted during conventional treatments.

The focus is on identifying areas of deficiency or toxicity which often have the ability to hinder natural conception or prevent the maintenance of pregnancy. This whole body approach to fertility treatment sets out to be successful whilst keeping the health of the mother and unborn baby at the forefront. We offer optimal care with minimum intervention to support the arrival of a healthy baby, which can make the early stages of infancy more manageable and rewarding.

Q. Why does Natural Fertility Treatment cost so much?

ANSWER. Natural Fertility Treatment rates reflect the time commitment and the value of the expert service provided by Lisa, Wendy and the Natural Doctor team as we strive to provide you with the best available natural health support and make a real difference to your fertility chances.

Only you can prioritise your fertility versus other expenditure like cars or holidays. We believe that there is no price to put on transforming your health and fertililty potential but if there were Natural Fertility Treatment offers excellent value for money when compared to conventional assisted conception as well as having a far higher success rate.

What are the costs of Natural Fertility Treatment from The Natural Doctor

Q. Who will I see and who runs my Natural Fertility Treatment?

ANSWER. Natural Fertility Treatment is directed by Lisa Steel (Dip ION ND) one of the leading and most sought after UK naturopaths and one of a few UK Bio-regulatory practitioners. Lisa has vast experience in the assessment of the underlying cause for infertility and developing non-invasive, natural and supportive pathways to start the process of revitalizing health and rebalancing fertility. Supported by Wendy Molyneux (BA, LCH) one of the leading UK homeopaths, who also works to uncover the cause and core areas of imbalance within the body and uses energy medicine in the form of homeopathy to work on rebalancing and connecting the life force of the body, which is vital to fertility.  

Q. What happens at a Natural Fertility Consultation?

ANSWER.We start with an initial discussion where we can take time to understand your current state of fertility and health. We may use physical examination, iridology, kinesiology, bioresonance, heart and nutritional tests to provide further indications to any diagnosis that you may have received during any previous conventional fertility or medical assessment. During the consultation, current drug medications will be reviewed and contact with your current health practitioner may be required or requested. Any conventional diagnostic tests will also be taken into account to help bespoke a tailored holistic fertility plan that we feel you will be able to undertake.

What happens at a What are the costs of Natural Fertility Treatment Consultation

Q. What will the fertility treatment be?

ANSWER. A treatment pathway will be designed for you with full advice on nutrition, wellbeing and specific lifestyle actions which are recommended for you to undertake to start the process of moving towards improved health. Treatments that may be offered include nutritional adjustment, detoxification and homeotoxicology protocols, herbal and homeopathic remedies, bodywork, emotional support or advice on broader lifestyle changes.

Q. Can I talk to someone?

ANSWER. For reasons of client confidentiality we are unable to put you in touch with Natural Fertility Treatment clients. Each treatment plan is totally individual and you can read some of their testimonials on our website. The best person to talk to is Wendy Molyneux, Natural Fertility Consultant, who will be happy to answer your questions. We offer a free introductory telephone consultation (up to 15 minutes) when you can ask anything you like about your fertility picture and our treatment.

Q. Is the Introductory Natural Fertility Consultation a commitment?

ANSWER. No. We hope that Natural Fertility Treatment is for you but there is no commitment after this initial consultation and we may also judge that it is not the right programme for you.

Natural Fertility Treatment your questions answered

Q. Do you need to see my partner?

ANSWER. In an ideal world yes. But we understand that for reasons of time pressure, finance or desire that may not always be possible. We do however need to see your partners sperm analysis. We will then recommend a simple sperm support programme or a full Male Fertility programme depending on sperm health. These are only available to partners of Natural Fertility Treatment clients.

Q. How do I book?

ANSWER. To book a Full Fertility Assessment or an introductory chat call 023 80276225 or email [email protected]

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