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Natural Fertility Treatment


Your treatment programme will be based around Natural Fertility Treatment Consultations which we recommend every 6-8 weeks.


Natural Fertility Treatment individual treatment pathwayFollowing your Full Fertility Assessment we will design an individual Natural Fertility Treatment Pathway for you which will contain advice on nutrition, supplementation, well being and specific lifestyle actions which are recommended for you to start the process of moving towards conception. You can then commence the process before your first Natural Fertility Treatment Consultation.

COST: £300 inc. VAT EACH

Natural Fertility Treatment ConsultationsOur Natural Fertility Treatment will be based on 60 minute triage consultations with Bioresonance Assessment with Lisa Steel, ND – Naturopath and Clinical Director and Wendy Molyneux, LCH – Homeopath and Fertility Co-ordinator. This enables us to follow up on your Full Fertility Assessment and subsequent assessments to gauge progress and support you towards your fertility goal.

You will be offered an individualised homeopathic prescription following the consultation focusing on the areas which have been highlighted as needing support.

We will send you a report including recommended supplement protocol and dietary guidance.

We offer ongoing email and telephone support and advice between appointments. We want you to be supported through this process and we can do this effectively through regular contact in between your face to face appointments.

Natural Fertility Programme Additional Costs

SUPPLEMENTS Natural Fertility Treatment Supplements to aid pregnancy

Charged at retail rate – please click on the link for more details

We will recommend bespoke highest quality supplements in the form of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy or essences

Your budget

Individual circumstances differ so it is difficult to estimate but as a guide the average cost of supplementation is around £150 – £200 per month for new patients reducing to around £100-£150 per month on a maintenance basis.



We will also recommend a schedule of support therapy with The Natural Doctor Associate Therapist(s) that we judge will be most beneficial in your case.

We work as a unified team and the therapies most likely to help are Reproductive Reflexology and Fertility Acupuncture – for more details please click on the link.


COST; £25 inc. VAT + postage

If, for example, you have a cold and would rather not undo all the good that you are doing then please use our Homeopathy Direct Acute Email Service.

This is our natural alternative to general practice and over-the-counter drugs such as antibiotics for acute or immediate health conditions.

Natural Fertility Treatment Natural Doctor products and programmesNATURAL DOCTOR PRODUCTS AND PROGRAMMES

Homeopathy kits and wallets and Natural Doctor programmes like Hay Fever Help are charged at retail rate.



Price on Application

These may have to be recommended. Usually they are in the form of urine, hair, saliva or blood tests. We would always advise of the cost and discuss the need with you first. The individual requirement and cost varies widely so it is not possible to advise up front.

An example may be a repeat of the “Rhythm Plus” Female Hormone Test which costs £235


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