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Natural Fertility Supplements

Natural Fertility Supplements

The quality of our Natural Fertility Supplements are the cornerstone to our successful Natural Fertility Programme

Natural Fertility Supplements in the form of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy or essencesQuantity, phasing and cost

We will recommend bespoke highest quality natural fertility supplements in the form of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy or essences.

Initially after consultation, it is usually the case that the patient will need a relatively large number of supplements or remedies which work on the restoration of nutrient deficiency, to start the process of detoxification and to support the emotional body. You may therefore use a higher proportion of supplements in the first month or two.

As the changes to the diet that are introduced play more of a feature in a wellness plan, it is possible that certain nutrients may no longer be needed, or taken in a different format. It is therefore usual for there to be less supplements required to be taken over time, reducing the associated costs.

Natural Fertility Supplements Budget

Supplements are charged for at the retail rate. Individual circumstances differ so it is difficult to provide a detailed estimate but as a guide the average cost of supplementation is around £150 – £200 per month for new patients on our natural fertility programme reducing to around £100 – £150 per month on a maintenance basis.

Natural Fertility – Personalised Medicine

Natural Fertility - Personalised MedicinePersonalised medicine is key to our natural fertility treatment strategy. Our medicine process follows systems biology but embraces energetic medicine so that mind, body and spirit are supported.

Inflammation, deposition, degeneration and neoplasm highlight the varying stages of disease and on an individual basis, patients may at any one time need very physical nutriceuticals in isolation or in compound with cofactors or coenzymes.

Alternatively there may be a need for more energetic remedies to rebalance or detoxify. Each remedy and supplement is chosen specifically to meet a patient’s unique biotype and individual chemistry at any one time. It is a delicate process and requires balance. Timing is also key. If you take a supplement at the wrong time of day, it may also be rendered useless and deficiency may still remain.

Natural Fertility highest quality nutrients in diet and supplementsHighest quality nutrients – in diet and supplements

Only the highest quality of nutrients, where possible organic and bio dynamically farmed, can offer the best possible supplement support for rebalancing complex disease states. Similarly, dietary changes should include high quality, whole foods which are locally produced where possible. There is no place for highly processed supplements or food where health and well being is the aim.

Food–state not synthetic supplements

Where possible we choose food-state supplements, which include activated enzymes and cofactors. It is rare that we would prescribe a synthetically produced supplement as mostly these are ineffective. Cheap supplements are just that and are often incompatible with our biochemistry; like any drug, these types of cheap, synthetic supplements can become toxic to the system over time.

Inappropriate supplementation can also be a source of toxicity. If you give Vitamin B2 daily and your body does not need it, this can cause an imbalance which may disturb another biochemical pathway.

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