Natural Fertility
Our Very Different Approach

Treating Infertility Naturally

Our very different approach mean that there are lots of good reasons to choose Natural Fertility Treatment over conventially assisted conception

With Natural Fertility Treatment you are more likely to have a baby, it may be healthier and so might you.

Whole body approach to natural fertility treatmentA whole body approach to fertility treatment

Natural Fertility Treatment is designed to help clients to conceive naturally, sustain their pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

We treat clients of any reproductive age, with or without a conventional diagnosis. Our clients are often older, have failed IVF or had recurrent miscarriages. 

Our face to face programmes are for clients who want to conceive naturally.

We set out to be successful whilst keeping the health of the mother and unborn baby at the forefront. We offer optimal care with minimum intervention to support the arrival of a healthy baby, which can make the early stages of infancy more manageable and rewarding.

An alternative view of infertility An alternative view of infertility

Our Bio-regulatory diagnostic methods permit a deeper understanding of the myriad of issues which can be involved in healthy conception, beyond simply the physical issues often highlighted during conventional treatments. We analyse the whole body not just the reproductive system. The focus is on identifying areas of deficiency or toxicity which can hinder natural conception or prevent the maintenance of pregnancy.

Blocks to fertility

Examples would be past glandular fever or mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings or the morning after pill layer or a food poisoning layer or a traumatic emotional event which still resonate at an energetic, cellular level in the body. Once those layers are identified and cleared it is then safe for the body to allow pregnancy.

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