Vitaklenz for Parasites & Worms & Candida

Vitaklenz – 90 capsules


A Natural Herbal Formula for Parasites & Worms & Candida, Vitaklenz is recommended by The Natural Doctor.

This is one of the most powerful parasite cleansing treatments in the UK. The double action of this powerful blend of herbs assists the elimination of parasites and candida infestation.

Vitaklenz has become one of our bestselling products.

Vitaklenz contains only natural ingredients : Cloves; Wormwood; Black Walnut Green Hulls Pumpkin Seed; Milk Thistle; Olive Leaf; Pau d’Arco; Gentian; Echinacea; Barberry; Garlic; Thyme – all natural ingredients to rid your body of parasites and worms.


A 30 day treatment is recommended. Dosage for adults over 12 years: 3 tablets per day