About Health Optimising

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Our mission

We use some of the most advanced technologies in the world and a new all-encompassing methodology, aligned with nature’s wisdom, to optimise health and help you to live at your full potential.

We help you to actively create your best of health through transformative and caring coaching. Underpinned by exclusive access to gold standard expertise helping to maintain equilibrium in mind, body and spirit.

State of the art real time assessments

Using breakthrough technology to show you what is going on in your body in depth and in real time. We will be able to see a fuller and even more accurate picture of your health and health challenges.

Amazing hi-tech systems

Which focus on supporting your body to reactivate it’s self-healing ability and restore a balanced health status.

This includes normalising inflammation, reducing pain, rehabilitation, oxygenating and enhancing optimal nutrition to cells and activating detoxification pathways.

As well as challenges that conventional medicine can find difficult to meet such as stimulating self-regulation of chronic viruses and microorganisms or significantly reducing pain and inflammation.

Quick resolution

Our self-regulating treatments enable your body to meet most health challenges quickly and effectively. For example, we have a treatment that can stimulate self-healing of broken or fractured bones, torn ligaments and sore muscles 3 times faster than normal.