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A new and unique opportunity to join a pioneering and caring team.
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About Lisa Steel Dip ION ND

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One of the UK’s leading naturopathic physicians, Lisa is the Clinical Director, responsible for setting the direction and principles of The Natural Doctor and inspiring the team.

Educating people to be able to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing using non-invasive, natural and supportive means is her mission.

We have exclusive UK rights to a worldwide health clinic operation which uses some of the most advanced technologies from all over the world and a new all-encompassing methodology to optimise health.

We are looking for friendly and compassionate individuals, with excellent patient communication skills.

About a Health Optimising Career

New opportunity to join a pioneering and caring team

This is a unique option to go beyond the limitations of the current medical paradigm and offer non-pharmaceutical approaches to restore health.

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Become part of a team at the frontier of the emerging field of technology-based medicine which gives the most accurate picture of patient’s health and health challenges and offers treatments enabling patients to solve most health challenges quickly and effectively.

We want caring communicators who are excellent at explaining things and motivating patients to undertake lifestyle improvements when necessary.

As well as being a supportive team player, efficient and hard-working, these skills would also be desirable;

  • An open mind and a passion for solving people’s health challenges, even those that cannot be solved with allopathic or alternative medicine.
  • The ability to see the connections between multiple health factors and work with an all-encompassing approach
  • Experience with computers and interest in technological advancements
  • Coaching or counselling experience would be an advantage


Competitive Package – Salary, Pension, Holiday and Health Optimising Benefits

Flexible Hours – we plan to offer a 6 day/extended hour offering to best service our patients. We will require flexibility around shifts. We in turn will be flexible and offer full or part time options

Location/Parking – Lovely semi-rural location in Hursley between Romsey and Winchester with easy parking

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Exclusive breakthrough technologies from all over the world,
stimulating the body’s own self-regulation mechanisms to optimise health.

Exclusive breakthrough technologies from all over the world, stimulating the body’s own self-regulation mechanisms to optimise health.

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